Bitch Glitz – The 2013 Valentine’s Day Collection

Ketlyn Austin is the creative muscle behind BG Cosmetic‘s custom-made indie polish label, Bitch Glitz (gotta love that branding!).  Recently, she approached us about reviewing her new Valentines Day Collection of lacquers.  Never one to turn down an opportunity to play with polish, L O Z L O S A enthusiastically said “Yes!”

When it comes to her 2013 Valentines Day Collection of polishes, Dallas-based Ketlyn Austen’s got sweet romance in mind. And by sweet, we mean Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Vanilla Frosting, Satin Ribbon Candy, and Sprinkles.  That kind of sweet.

The polishes….

L to R: Chocolate Treasure, Candy Coated Innocence, and Strawberry Sunrise

Quick Note:  Liz and I tackled this collection together.  After swatching the polishes in downstate New York, they were lovingly packed and shipped off to Buffalo for Liz’s turn at bat.

 Here’s what we found…

Chocolate Treasure

there’s a whole lot going on here! 

Lisa:  With its creamy milk chocolate brown base, Chocolate Treasure gets my mouth watering.  There’s no escaping that my fingertips looked dipped in melted Hersheys. That it’s then sprinkled with a confection of turquoise hexes, blue and gold microglitter, white holo bars, and candy-like pink hearts, only intensifies the gourmand nature of the theme. Anyone else getting hungry?

Liz: I have to agree that this polish perfectly captured the spirit of milk chocolate. This confection was probably my favorite out of the three polishes in the collection. I have become a sucker for brown polishes, and this was no exception. While I’m not much of a “hearts-in-my-polish” kinda gal, even I can appreciate how the heart glitter played to the Valentine’s Day theme. Adding all sizes and shapes of blue, gold, and purple glitter only sweetened the deal.


Lisa – Application took three healthy coats of Chocolate Treasure to eliminate any visible nail line, and bring me to opaqueThe glitter came out of the bottle uniformly, and required little in the way of “fishing” for pieces.  The only redistribution was done with the large heart-shaped pieces, to be expected with this type of polish.  I actually prefer Chocolate Treasures without the hearts (Gini has some un-hearted swatches you should check out), and on my next wear, I’ll simply avoid applying them.

Liz – I found that Chocolate Treasure applied well for me too, but I was able to reach full opacity after two coats… granted, they were thicker coats, but the polish leveled well. I decided early on that I would not try to fish out the heart glitters – I wanted to see how they naturally came out. I’m pleased to say that I was able to get a pretty decent distribution out of my bottle. Perhaps in future uses I will try adding a little polish thinner to my bottle. The polish was a little thick, but it was certainly workable as-is.

such a sweet confection, this one ….it reminds me of creamy vanilla frosting with sprinkles
Lisa Candy Coated Innocence is a frosty white lacquer that’s sprinkled with pastel candy (i.e., purple and pink holographic glitter, purple shards; white holographic bar glitter, and large pale pink hearts).  Like Chocolate Treasure, this polish suggests a luscious sweet.  This time, I’m reminded of fluffy vanilla frosting. 

Liz:  Wow! As soon as I put this polish on my nails, the first thing that came to mind was ribbon candy. If you’re not familiar, ribbon candy is a lovely sweet made out of stretched sugar.  It always comes in beautiful colors, and IMHO it shares a delicious, frosty sheen with Candy Coated Innocence

more sugar
Lisa Candy Coated Innocence applied easily and required two coats for opacity, but as with most frosts/metallics, it dried a bit streaky.  And those girly pink hearts? I like them in this polish. Go figure.

Liz – Just like my mom, I was able to reach full opacity after two coats. Because there was visible streakiness due to Candy Coated Innocence‘s frosted finish, I had to pay special attention to my application so that I would be able to get a uniform appearance. I will say that the hearts that I was able to snag during my manicure were almost completely covered by the base color. At first, I was a little put out by this – it’s always so exciting to get a larger piece of glitter, so when it’s covered it’s disappointing – but then I thought back to the name of the polish. Any hearts that you apply will truly look candy coated. Very cool!

2 coats of Strawberry Sunrise, topped with Sally Hansen Mega Shine

Lisa – Well, knock me over with a feather…  I wasn’t prepared to like Strawberry Sunrise, because it’s a rare pink that doesn’t look perfectly awful with my skin tone.  Turns out, I love this polish!

Liz: I actually assumed that I would like Strawberry Sunrise the best, but Chocolate Treasure ended up being my favorite of the collection. With that being said, Strawberry Sunrise is absolutely lovely! Shimmery pink meets lovely glitter? What’s not to like?

reflective strawberry “seeds”

Lisa – Here’s a blue-toned hot pink that sparkles with silver metallic, as well as holographic white, purple, and pink glitter.   The formula is on the thicker side, but not negatively so.  One heavy coat would have brought me to full opacity, but instead I went with two thin coats for greater application control.  The silver metallic  glitter is radiant, and furthers the “strawberry” vibe with its sparkly suggestion of seeds. This is a playful polish, and my favorite of the three!

Liz – For Valentine’s Day, I have to say that Strawberry Sunrise is a perfect pink. Not too girly, but full of promise (By promise, I mean glitter. Check it!).   I used three thin coats this time to reach full coverage, but I could have survived with two. This polish went on smoothly, and I found that it dried to a vaguely matte finish – not quite matte, and not quite shiny. A healthy topper of Seche Vite brought me the shine that I so craved.

Final Thoughts….

BitchGlitz  polishes are void of The Toxic Three:  formaldehyde, toulene, and DBP; and are produced without animal testing. To provide long-lasting wear, diamond dust is added to their formulas.

On the brand’s Etsy site, this Valentines Day Collection is available in 15 ml bottles, and can be had for $10.00 individually, or $26.00 for the complete set of three, plus shipping.

At the current time, there’s still stock available on these custom-made lacquers, but with the holiday approaching, there is no guarantee that will be the case, if you procrastinate.  Order now to be assured of availability and delivery before February 14th.

What else?

Well, be sure to hook up to Bitch Glitz on Twitter and Facebook, for notice of new releases and sales. You can also find BG’s Ketlyn Austen blogging at Whisky in Teacups.

*Products in this post were provided to  L O Z L O S A  for review purposes.  For more info, consult our Disclosure Policy.

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  1. February 4, 2013 at 5:49 am

    These are really nice. Having lived in Texas the name is so suitable and she really captured the essence of Texas in Stawberry Sunrise and Candy Coated Innocence. And I love your review. So, great having the mother daughter team.

  2. February 4, 2013 at 11:22 am

    Thank you much, Patty! 🙂

  3. February 5, 2013 at 3:59 am

    Oooooo, the brown and turquoise is gorge!! And really, bitch glitz is the BEST name ever!! Great job ladies 🙂

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