#TIOT: Italian Leather (Revlon Parfumerie)

Liz says…

Greetings, Earthlings! Today I’m dipping a toe into the world of scented polish and I’m dragging you along for the ride!


Buried deep within my stash, Italian Leather has been beckoning to me ever since I picked it up at Ulta. At the time it was an impulse buy – between the color itself and the adorable bottles I was sold. I am so glad that I picked it up! This gorgeous olive green flashes with bronze shimmer that comes alive on the nail.


The formula gave me no issues, and two thin coats gave my nails full coverage. The shine on this polish is to die for – seriously, I didn’t put a top coat over it and I can almost see my own reflection in the sheen.


I was never terribly interested in the Revlon Parfumerie collection… something about scented polish has always turned me off. Italian Leather has changed my mind completely on the subject. The scent is barely noticeable, and while I don’t think it smells like leather I don’t mind the musky scent that lingers. What do you think about scented polishes? Is this a polish that you would want to wear?

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  1. January 8, 2014 at 12:25 am

    This was one of two I picked up. I got it for the color but the fragrance wasn’t terrible either. You rock it with the dark background and the light showing off just how shiny the polish is. It’s got some depth to it, doesn’t it?!

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