Chaos & Crocodiles Swatch and Review: Reflections, Echos, and Shadows

samples provided for honest review

Liz says…

Hello, Darlings! When the lovely Sarey (brainchild of indie polish branch Chaos & Crocodiles) asked me to swatch polishes for her, I knew that it was time to put on my blogging pants again (they are very official). I’m incredibly excited to share these three polishes with you today – they are simply stunning – with rich, squishy jewel tones and five different holographic micro glitters/pigments, these shine like you wouldn’t believe! Because the glitters are so tiny, the removal of these polishes was actually very manageable. I was shocked. One layer of top coat smoothed the polishes out – no muss, no fuss, just happiness. Having laid out the facts, let’s check out the polishes.


First up is Reflections. This blue polish is so incredibly squishy… I keep wanting to nibble on my nails because they remind me of the most delicious jelly beans. Weird? Perhaps, but I’m too smitten to care!

Screen Captures

If you’re in a berry mood, Echos might be more up your alley. This delicious polish is something of a chameleon – I found that it shifted from a bright magenta to a deep burgundy depending on the ambient lighting. While that made capturing the polish a little difficult, I can’t help but love it all the more because of the flexible nature of this shade.


Last but certainly not least is Shadows, a deep purple polish that rounds out the trio beautifully. This polish is so lovely, I adore how rich and sexy it is. It is SO regal and drool-worthy!

Reflections, Echos, and Shadows will be available for pre-order tomorrow (Saturday, August 30th) at the Chaos & Crocodiles shop from 12pm-1pm EDT and from 9pm-10pm EDT.

If you’re interested in checking out the other Chaos & Crocodiles polishes that will be available for pre-order I highly suggest checking out the Chaos & Crocodiles Blog, Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram account!

What do you think of this trio of shades? Personally, I’ve been ready for Fall for months, so the richness and depth of color has got me revved and ready to go for the change in seasons. If you feel like decking your nails in jewels, these are the polishes for you!

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  1. Jody Feldman
    August 29, 2014 at 10:08 am

    Love a great, squishy, sparkly jelly, and these look right up my alley! Beautiful!

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