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Hi!  Thanks for dropping by.

If polished nails ring your chimes, pull up a chair, and make yourself at home.  You’ll feel comfortable here.  As it happens, we’re turned on by beautifully painted nails, too!

Ask  what it is that excites us about nail art, cuticles and lacquer, and we’ll start waxing poetic about color, texture, formula, composition, and bling, and how despite the doomsday speeches and naysayers

Fabulous nails (aka, The New Jewelry) are alive, well, and kicking up a colorful storm, the world over.  ‘Tis true.  We’re not making this stuff up.

Nail art is a perfect fashion accessory, limited only by the imagination.

So, why LOZLOSA?

Well, what began with a mutual obsession for exchanging phone-snapped pix of our latest nail creations, evolved into this blog.  Phone screens are small.  LOZLOSA solved that problem.

On LOZLOSA you’ll find swatches, reviews, nail art, giveaways, and lots of babbling on about all-things vernis, from the perspective of a Buffalo, NY-based lacquer-lover, and, believe it or not, her equally consumed downstate mother (whose off-the-charts obsession led her to become a New York State licensed nail tech). This is the place where we bond like Crazy Glue.

Bottom line:  Welcome to LOZLOSA!  We hope you’ll stick around and join us in our pursuit of fabulous nails.


Liz & Lisa

If you’d like to use our articles and images for non-commercial use, feel free to do so, but please be a doll and provide credit to this site. 

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