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Love Lifts Us Up: A Valentine’s Day Manicure!


Liz says… Hello Darlings, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Regardless of your relationship status, gender, or age it feels like Valentine’s Day is a big deal. Personally, I’m not a huge fan… I don’t need a corporate holiday to make me realize how much I adore my fiance (it’s a lot!), and I have…

Blue Skittle Nail Art!


Liz says… Hello, Darlings! Happy Tuesday! 😀 When I was last at my local drug store buying bags of holiday Reese’s cups I came across the gorgeous Beaming Blue from the Maybelline Brocade collection. This polish is SO BEAUTIFUL – a sheer, glittery blurple with a faint duochrome shimmer that flashes between electric blue and…

Oblizzarated – Review and Restock Today!!!!


Lisa says… Confession:  I’m not a snow person. Seriously, you can keep those skis, parkas and lift tickets. In fact, while you’re out having the time of your life, navigating the powdery stuff and frigid air temps, I’ll eagerly await your arrival back at the lodge, keeping warm by the fire.  With a good book,…