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Love Lifts Us Up: A Valentine’s Day Manicure!


Liz says… Hello Darlings, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Regardless of your relationship status, gender, or age it feels like Valentine’s Day is a big deal. Personally, I’m not a huge fan… I don’t need a corporate holiday to make me realize how much I adore my fiance (it’s a lot!), and I have…

A Sweet Surprise: Incoco 2014 Valentine’s Day Collection


:: PRESS SAMPLE :: Lisa says… Recently, our letter carrier delivered a sweet surprise from the fun folks at Incoco: an envelope stuffed with the five newly-released nail wrap (aka nail “appliques”, “stickers” or “strips”) designs, from the brand’s 2014 Sweet Surprise Valentine’s Day Collection. These adorable press and sticks are great for those fashionistas…